Monday, February 12, 2018

Special Care Home Information

Victoria Villa Inc. is a licensed 24 bed special care home accepting residents who have been assessed as level 1 or level 2.  We offer our residents 3 home cooked meals each day and 2 snacks.  Tea and coffee are available 24 hours/day.  Personal care, laundry, cleaning, etc are provided.  We have a beautiful building with a very home-like atmosphere.  We encourage residents to stay as independent as possible while recognizing when help is needed. 

The cost to live at Victoria Villa depends on your income.  If you qualify, the government will subsidize residents and you will receive $135.00  for your comfort and care allowance.  Most people use this to pay for their prescriptions, telephone, special soaps/shampoo, etc.

We have private rooms and shared rooms.  You may have to share a room at first.  We try our best to accommodate residents who would like a private room, however, we do give first choice of a private room to residents who are already living in Victoria Villa. 

To be admitted to Victoria Villa you must be assessed by Social Development.  This process can take a period of time so we recommend you start this process as soon as possible. 

Please call or stop in if you would like your name placed on our waiting list.  Our waiting list changes almost daily so please add your name to the list if you would like to live at Victoria Villa.  When an opening comes available you will receive a phone call. 

Once you are assessed by Social Development please let us know that the process is complete.  This will move you up the list more quickly!  Please note that you MUST be a level one or level two (assessed by Social Development) to live at Victoria Villa.

If you need help with the assessment process or the paperwork that goes along with it give us a call and we'd be happy to help you. 

Our phone number is 506-273-9394.

Some updated pictures of Victoria Villa

                                                      Private shower
                                                      Private bathroom
                                                        Old organ
                                                        Nice wide hallways
                                                     Common Living Room
                                                     Common Living Room
                                                     Staff desk & pet fish
                                                      24 hour coffee/tea station
                                                      Private room
                                                      Nice wide hallway
                                                      Tub room
                                                      Dining Room
                                                     Living/Dining Room